Maundy Thursday @ St Mary Magdalene, Castle Ashby
18th April 2019
At this service we are drawn into the three days of the celebration of Jesus’ paschal victory, his death and resurrection.

A number of people representing a cross section of the Benefice have already been invited to have their feet washed during the service by our Rector, as a reminder of Jesus’ call to servant leadership. When the service ends (about 8.30pm) the altars are stripped as psalms are read and The Watch or vigil begins in the meeting room at St Andrew’s. This vigil, which will continue until 10pm, is symbolic of the disciples waiting in the Garden of Gethsemane (‘Could you not wait with me one hour?’).

If you are not able to attend Holy Communion you can still join The Watch at any point during the evening to pray in silence. You can stay as long as you wish or maybe go and come back later.

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